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Shock Doctor SVR Recovery Compression Calf Sleeve


Shock Doctor SVR Recovery Compression Calf Sleeve

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Support + Ventilation + RecoveryMade using highly ventilated knit construction, the supportive SVR Recovery Compression Sleeves are perfect for real-time muscle recovery during training or competition. The highly innovative design supports the lower leg/calf to help reduce muscle fatigue and prevent soreness and injury. They feature gradient compression up the calf, shin and Achilles for extra support and increased circulation to speed recovery. Seamless construction and breathability provide comfort and cooling during long days of training and running.The SVR Recovery Compression Sleeves can also be used after training or competition to help muscles recover faster so you feel less sore in the morning. Use for running, training, cycling, football, baseketball & other team sports Support to help reduce muscle fatigue Reduces soreness for faster recovery Breathable ventilated construction Antimicrobial, Premium 4-way stretch moisture wicking fabric 75% nylon / 25% spandex 18-25 mmHgSUPPORTIVE COMPRESSIONhelps reduce muscle inflammation, soreness and fatigueVENTILATED CONSTRUCTIONregulates muscle heat and removes moisture so muscles perform their best without overheatingREAL-TIME RECOVERYgradient compression to enhance circulation and increase oxygen flow to accelerate lactic acid removal so muscles recover quicker..18-25 MMHGmmHg = level of compression. SVR Compression Sleeves have more compression around the ankle which then decreases up to towards the calf for increased circulation.SEAMLESS KNIT CONSTRUCTIONfor all day comfort.ANTI-ODOR MOISTURE WICKING STRETCH FABRICWicks moisture away from the skin to keep you dry.


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